Professional-Grade Tilt-Head Stand Mixer - Compare to KitchenAid®

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Our Professional-Grade Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is a cost-efficient alternative to the world famous products of the market leader. Convince yourself of the quality, durability and versatility of our heavy duty kitchen appliance!

Virtually everything that can be done with the leading-brand mixers can also be done with our Stand Mixer.

The body of our Stand Mixer, the Dough Hook and the Flat Beater are all made of cast aluminum.

The 4.5 quart bowl and the Wire Whip are both made of stainless steel. The mirror-polished bowl is equipped with a sturdy handle. The contoured design of the handle allows a strong and comfortable grip even when handling a heavy load of dough.

Also included is the very convenient Pouring Shield. This piece of equipment can block some of the dust and splatter that may be created during the mixing process - and it also makes it easy and safe for you to add ingredients using the large chute while the machine is running. The Pouring Shield consists of 2 elements and can therefore be easily installed or removed without having to tilt the motor-head or remove the attachments.

A 325 watt motor powers this appliance. The highly-durable all-metal gears create the planetary mixing action and guarantee a long lifetime and very reliable performance. The maximum speed is 310 RPM.

There are 6 different motor speeds. The speed-dial is located on the back of the motor-head.

Please note that our Mixer comes with a 3-prong power plug. Please make sure to plug this appliance in a suitable power outlet.

Our Stand Mixer is also equipped with an Attachment Hub. This feature makes our Stand Mixer just as versatile as the mixers of the market leader. All attachments that we tested were compatible with our Mixer. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding this topic.

In order to complement our Stand Mixer, we also offer a Meat Grinder Attachment. Please feel free to browse our website to have a closer look at this very interesting attachment.

The Stand Mixer measures 8.75 inches (22.5cm) in width, 13 inches (33cm) in length and 14 inches (35.5cm) in height.

The weight of the Stand Mixer alone is 14.75 lbs (6.7kg). The stainless steel bowl weights 1.5 lbs (680g).

Our company logo is laser-engraved both on the bowl and also on the locking plate in the foot of the Mixer.

We wrote a very detailed and easy-to-understand Instructions Manual that will help you understand and operate our Mixer.

Our Stand Mixer comes with a One-Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase.

Should your Stand Mixer fail within the first year of ownership, all replacement parts and labor costs to correct defects in materials and workmanship and also the shipping-cost of the repaired Mixer back to you are covered by the warranty.

We ask you to send the Mixer back to us so that we can perform the repairs in our shop. If a repair is impossible or deemed too time and cost intensive, we will send you a replacement Mixer instead. You will be responsible for the shipping-cost of the damaged Mixer back to us.

Should you experience any problems with your Stand Mixer, please contact us so that we can begin the Warranty-Claim as soon as possible.

And just to make that nobody gets this confused: This is not a KitchenAid® product.

We import this Stand Mixer directly from our manufacturer in China. We perform the final assembly, the quality-control and the product-testing of every single Mixer in our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My 2 cents:     I am extremely excited to introduce our new Stand Mixer to you! We've been working on this project for almost 3 years - and I am very proud that we can now add it to our product-line.

When I moved to the US from Germany in 2010, my roommate in California owned one of the expensive Stand Mixers. It was the first time that I ever saw one of these in real life (and not just on TV) - and I instantly fell in love with the quality and performance of this heavy duty appliance. The only problem was the hefty price-tag.

So as I started this business a few years ago, I began searching for a manufacturer in China that could produce a heavy duty Stand Mixer for me. After many failed attempts, we finally found a company that could manufacture a high-quality product for us. Several months and improvements later, we are now able to sell this Stand Mixer at a very competitive price compared to the famous products of the leading brand.

I take great pride in this product - and I am convinced that you will enjoy this Stand Mixer for a very long time.

This product ships for free via FedEx Home Delivery.

What you get with this purchase:

1 Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, 1 Dough Hook, 1 Flat Beater, 1 Wire Whisk, 1 Pouring Shield and the Instructions Manual

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